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Masking and Packaging Systems

3M™ Tartan™ Box Sealing Tape 305

  • Available in Clear and Tan
  • For lightweight and budget-friendly applications
  • Offers high-edge tear and split resistance during application
  • Meets FDA guidelines for indirect food contact

3M™ Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 311

  • Designed for utility type applications on light to medium weight boxes
  • Offers good performance over a wide range of temperatures; specifically in colder and damper applications
  • Carton sealing tape, box sealing tape, box closing tape

3M™ Scotch® High Performance Tape 373

  • High performance packaging tape for heavy duty applications on a wide range of materials
  • Adheres instantly to most surfaces including cartons containing high levels of recycled content
  • Meets CID A-A-1684C

3M™ High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+

  • Delivers sharp, clean paint lines and is ideal for high-temperature paint baking, fascia painting and powder coating applications
  • Removes cleanly in one piece
  • Remains in place around corners, over contours and irregular surfaces
  • Resists paint bleed-through

3M™ Scotch® Performance Masking Tape 244

  • Offers solvent and water resistance, good paint anchorage, adhesive transfer resistance, sunlight stability, and good temperature resistance (100 °C)
  • Offers a good paint line, paint flaking resistance, handling, and clean removal
  • Resists paint bleed through

3M™ Tartan™ General Purpose Masking Tape 2218

  • General Purpose Masking Tape for non-critical painting and utility applications
  • Should be removed within four hours and should not be applied to wallpaper, unpainted wallboard or ceiling tile
  • Available in Beige
  • Size: 24mm x 20m